OUR ACTIVITIES: Timeline is specialized in the photo of report, our skills and our experience(experiment) allow us to offer you a wide range(fan) of services(departments) of shots and original works intended to emphasize your personal or professional events. Marriage: to immortalize these short-lived and magic moments, I realize the complete or partial report of your marriage. Portrait: photos of birth, family or you simply. To see you through another look. Sport: the sporting photography asks of the spontaneity. Seize the good moment to retranscribe the beauty of the accomplished gesture(movement). Event: I realize services(performances) to measure according to your needs. Public or private events. Events of shows(entertainments), Sports, artistic, cultural, associative… Company: I realize any photo report in a company, seminary(seminar), conference, Evening. I also realize all your shots of catalogs, only objects or put into situation. The photographer has to aim at a timeless result(profit), which will allow you, to your family and friends, not only to remember itself but also to relive the magic moment of the event through years. You reconnaitrez a real professional of the photo in its ease in front of these choices. His(her,its) experience(experiment) will have allowed him(her) to assimilate the various parameters. He(It) is then completely available on what takes place to lejour “J”. He(it) is with you, he(it) goes towards your family, your friends. He sees details which you had not seen. It is lying in wait to bring in its devices. Seize the most revealing hundredth of second with the expressions, the personalities. In a few seconds we manage to get your emotion. We really see whom you are when you are natural, spontaneous. To fix these short moments which reveal you best, is needed an eye exercised to this working type(chap). An eye which presses on the button, just there, at the right time. In this hundredth of second the photographer also takes into account, your friends, the frame(executive) in which you evolve, the light, finally everything. That it is a question or not marriage, to look at a photo, allows to escape us a few moments. The photographic approach is really going to define the photographer, as well as its photos The sound quality(listening skill) of the photographer during the preliminary exchanges will contribute to the success of your report a lot. Needs an eye exercised to this working type(chap). An eye which presses on the button, just there, at the right time.

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